What to say to donors about Coronavirus / COVID-19 (includes letter/EDM template)

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Over the last few days, we’ve received numerous requests to help non-profit organisations communicate with their donors about the COVID-19 crisis.

Many organisations are worried about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the amount of donations they will receive. And rightly so.

But on the other hand, organisations need to be aware of the difficulties facing donors, who may have seen their superannuation accounts drop dramatically, lost their jobs, or be facing uncertainty about their health and future.

To help organisations craft an appropriate message that balances the need for ongoing support, alongside an appropriate sensitivity towards donors, we’ve crafted a ‘fill in the blanks’ template which is free for any organisation to use and adapt.

It’s around the right length to be used as a short letter, EDM, or Facebook post.

Please feel free to share with anyone else who might find it useful.

And if there’s anything else our copywriting team can do to help during this time, please get in touch with Rich at rich@linkedcreative.com

COVID-19 / Coronavirus donor message template

Subject Option A: Important coronavirus update
Subject Option B: Your support during COVID-19
Subject Option C: Coronavirus and you
Subject Option D: You are needed more than ever

Dear [Donor Name],

As one of our incredibly generous supporters, I wanted to reach out to you personally about the impact of COVID-19 on our work together.

But first, I do hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy at this difficult time, which is causing so many challenges for all of us.

Over many years, the support of wonderful people like has been so important in helping to [insert cause e.g. bring children out of poverty].

You have achieved so much through your generosity and we’re so thankful for you!

I know we are all uncertain about the future right now, and like you, I’m hoping the impact of the coronavirus only lasts for a short time.

But no matter how long this crisis lasts, [First Name], the reality is that [insert cause-related copy e.g. life will only get harder for children in the world’s poorest countries].

With that in mind, I’m hopeful that you will continue to give as generously as you can throughout the current crisis to [insert impact e.g. care for vulnerable children].

[VAR Regular Donor] Of course, if your financial situation means you are considering reducing your support right now, I completely understand and encourage you to contact our team on [phone number] to discuss pausing, reducing or cancelling your giving. [END]

Thank you so much for standing with [recipient e.g. children in need], and for your big-hearted support that has already brought [insert impact e.g. hope to so many children who really need it].

Warm regards,

Sender Name
Sender Title

P.S. [First Name], if you’re in a position to continue giving, [insert beneficiary e.g. children in poverty] need you now more than ever before. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, and I hope you remain safe and well during this time.

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